G & J Staines can supply everything from livestock feeds, pet feeds, animal health products, livestock and poultry feeders and drinkers, poultry housing, pest and rodent control products to electric and conventional fencing, gates, ironmongery, nuts, bolts and screws, water pipe and plumbing fittings, wheelbarrows, hand tools (brooms, buckets, brushes, spades, forks, shovels, hoes, rakes, hammers, axes, shears, loppers, saws etc), outdoor clothing and work-wear, fertiliser, weed killers, grass seed, swimming pool chemicals, bottled gas (Calor) and yes, even fork handles... Handles for forks that is!

Customers are constantly astonished by the vast array of stock available and regularly describe the experience of visiting our shops as being akin to wandering into Aladdin's Cave.

Our friendly family atmosphere, vast array of stock and extensive product knowledge, born of a lifetime's experience in the field, are highly valued by our customers.

  • Livestock Feeds & Bedding
    • (Marriages, Duffields, Frieze Feeds, Baileys, Allen & Page, Dobson and Horrell, Dengie, Spillers, Hunters, Bedsoft, Bedmax..)
  • Pet Feeds
    • (Life Cycle, Skinners, James Wellbeloved, Omega, Bakers, Pedigree Chum..)
  • Animal Health Products
  • Livestock and Poultry Feeders
    • (JFC, Fisher, IAE..)
  • Poultry Drinkers
    • (BEC, Eltex..)
  • Poultry Housing
  • Pest & Rodent Control
    • (Lodi, Neosorexa, Peststop, STV, Fenn..)
  • Electric & Conventional Fencing
    • (AgriFence, Rutland..)
  • Gates (metal and wooden) & Ironmongery
    • (IAE, Eliza Tinsley, Birkdale, Samuel Lewis..)
  • Nuts, Bolts & Screws
  • Water Pipe & Pipe Fittings
    • (Plasson, Philmac..)
  • Wheelbarrows
    • (County Barrows..)
  • Paints & Stains
    • (Bird Brand, Hammerite..)

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  • Hand Tools
    • (Draper, Bulldog..)
  • Brooms
    • (Hill Brush..)
  • Outdoor Clothing & Workwear
    • (Dickies, Hoggs, Regatta, Castle..)
  • Farm Signs
  • Oils
    • (Witham..)
  • Fertiliser
    • (Humber Palmers (organic), Growmore..)
  • Weedkillers
    • (Roundup Pro, Gallup 360, Grazon Pro, MCPA, Pathclear, Weedol..)
  • Grass Seed
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
    • (Splash..)
  • Bottled Gas
    • (Calor..)

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